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FAMILY FEUD: Bobbi Kristina Brown Caught Making Out With Whitney Houston’s Adopted Son & Cissy Houston Calls It “Incestuous”!!

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This can’t be good. At least from the looks of things.

Bobbi Kristina Brown & “adopted” brother Nick Jordan

And reportedly, Grammy Cissy Houston ain’t happy about it either. She is being quoted as saying:

“What [Bobbi and Nick] are doing is incestuous.”

Grammy Cissy said this after seeing the video of the couple kissing in public. Last weekend there were eye witness reports of Bobbi Kristina hanging out with Nick Gordon in a way that would suggest they are intimate with each other.
Bobbi Kristina captured walking in and out of shops with Nick while holding hands and sometimes kissing.
Check out the video below:

Why the fuss you ask? Well…..Nick Gordon, who is 22 years old has lived with the family since he was 12 years old. The late singer, Whitney Houston took him in over 10 years ago and raised him as if he was her own son and Bobbi Kristina’s “adopted” brother.

So this could be seen as incestuous especially by Cissy Houston who has a very strong Christian foundation. She ain’t havin’ any of this “foolery”, blood related or not! And I see where she is coming from….

Nick Gordon had “no comment” on camera but much to say via Twitter. Nick has since deleted his twitter but Bobbi Kristina had a few tweets to say about the whole situation!

Watch below:

Part of me just wants to believe that Bobbi Kristina is still grieving the passing away of her mommy, Whitney Houston and this is her way wanting attention. She is hurting still….

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