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Model chics doing it for themselves!

Move over Tyra Banks, Kathy Ireland, Zimbabwean model, Teurai is “teching” over!!

Teurai Chanakira - Enerco (Pvt) Ltd Co-Founder

A new, young and dynamic Mobile Value Added Services company, Enerco (Pvt) Ltd based in Harare, Zimbabwe and co-founded by Marshall Mutsamwira and Australian-based, Zimbabwean model, Teurai Chanakira, launched its first services and brand new website a few days ago.

Marshall Mutsamwira - Enerco (Pvt) Ltd Co-Founder

Enerco’s first service enables Zimbabwean Creative Artists’ work in the form of songs, ringtones, videos and wallpaper images to be downloaded by mobile phone subscribers in several countries all over the world.

“We have partnered with an international company, InterVAS UK Ltd, to provide various content including Zimbabwean Creative Artists’ work which can be downloaded by subscribers in Nigeria, South Africa, USA and the UK. Our international partner, InterVAS, is a company with over ten years’ experience in the mobile technology space, having been involved in popular services such as the former Miss World SMS competition voting.”

From December 2011, Enerco partnered with the ever-increasingly popular Face of Zimbabwe competition, to provide SMS voting services for the Finalist Model Contestants. The 2012 Face of Zimbabwe calendar images are also available to download on Enerco’s new website.

When asked about launching their services in Zimbabwe, they said,

“we are working very hard to and are positive about expanding to Zimbabwean networks in the near future”.

Marshall and Teurai said,

“We are both extremely passionate about the huge talent and potential in the Zimbabwean Arts & Cultural Industry. We came up with a concept in which we would be able to fuse our love of the Industry and our recognition of the growing mobile technology space, whilst opening another avenue for more artists to be financially rewarded for their hard-earned work, by having their work available for subscribers to download”.

Their website has various popular artists’ content such as that of Chiwoniso Maraire, Jusa Dementor and Models’ wallpapers, for example, of Rumbie Feremenga, being available to download. Unique, African-inspired wallpapers are also available by the very first Zimbabwean Graphic Designer on Enerco’s platform, Langx Media Studio. Enerco is currently in talks with many more artists who will launch on their platform this year.

Both Marshall and Teurai are confident that their services do not stop there and this is just the beginning!

“Besides various artists’ content, Enerco also offers bulk SMS services for corporates and non-profit organisations. We will also be launching various SMS competitions in 2012. The mobile technology space is huge and has so much varied potential. We cannot give anything away yet, but we are currently working hard on numerous, innovative services outside of the Arts & Cultural Industry, which we aim to launch in due course”.

Photography: Herman Chimusoro

Teurai’s statement on becoming the Co-Founder of a tech start-up:

“From the time that I started modelling, I had the aim of using my platform as a model to launch into all of my various interests. I have been studying model entrepreneurs like Tyra Banks and Kathy Ireland. Ireland found fame as a Swimsuit model, but is now a $2 billion entrepreneur on Forbes list. Some of the products under her empire include home furnishing solutions, ceiling fans and socks. She is also a self-help guru and has penned various motivational books. I look at models like her and think if they can do it, what can stop me? I am much more than the label, ‘model’. I know that business equals risk, but I am willing to accept that risk. I give God all the glory for planting this seed of determination and passion in me”.

Teurai has also announced that the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust, which she founded in May 2011 after her mother passed away from cancer a few months before, will be launching its first worldwide fundraising campaign from April 2012. Besides the launch of a brand new website for the ECCT, there will be, amongst the various donation options, a SMS payment system set up on the site which will enable people in at least 80 countries worldwide to donate to the ECCT’s first major fundraising campaign, “Sponsor a Zimbabwean Cancer Patient”.

Photography: Herman Chimusoro

Teurai said,

“I am a true believer in using whatever success I achieve to help others. The ECCT team and I have been working tirelessly for several months and we are so excited that in 2012 we will be able to start providing financial aid for Zimbabweans who cannot afford cancer treatment and related costs. Furthermore, we will be using mobile technology to advance donation options, the crux of what Enerco is founded on. Never in my life have I been so satisfied at finding my true purpose by serving others in a cause that I relate to 100%. I give glory to God for enabling me to go on even though I suffered a crippling loss; using me to help Zimbabweans who are affected by cancer and allowing me to turn my immense pain from losing my mother, into hope for others. The campaign video and new website will be unveiled in a few weeks.”

Enerco website:

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Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust on Twitter: @echanakiratrust

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Facebook: ‘Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust’


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