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NANDO’S HAS DONE IT AGAIN: “JuJu, You’ve Been Served.”

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After the verdict was delivered regarding the expulsion of former ANC Youth League President, Julius “Juju” Malema from the African National Congress (ANC) party, Nando’s dropped an Ad in honor of Juju.

On another note, let me tell you why I’m mad son, I am not into politics but I just don’t get why Juju always gets 14 days to appeal after a verdict has been reached?!  Can’t they reach a straight decision and stick to it. I know it’s protocol but dang it if I read about Juju shenenegans in the media!

Yeah, so back to the Nando’s Ad. What-ever Ad Agency that handles the Nando’s account must end up at the ANC headquarters quite often! Coz they go in those politicians! lol! I do like how they tie in their brand with current news.

Check it out:

The tag line is crazy hilarious!!! *lol*

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