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A fortnight ago we gave you our list of the Top 10 Fittest Celeb Men. Well…ladies, here is some motivation for you in this list. Remember that just because these celebs have personal trainers, it does not mean that you cannot incorporate their routine into your life. Anyone can learn to do the exercises listed, but to start off with, you need to ensure that you believe that you can attain a healthier, fitter body.

I strongly recommend that if you are not experienced at exercising, that you have at least one session with a personal trainer so that you can get the techniques correct, then continue on your own. Correct technique is ESSENTIAL so that you don’t injure yourself and are able to achieve the results you are after.

It is also advisable to see your doctor before starting on a brand new fitness path.

One tip I will give to you that I am learning from my Personal Trainer course is, do not be afraid to use weights. It is a total myth that if women use weights, they will end up looking like men. The ladies in this article are a clear testimony to that.


Yes! The before and after pictures you see above are REAL! Jennifer Nicole Lee’s story is inspirational. She admits having struggled with her weight her entire life. When she got married, she weighed 170 pounds (80 kgs). Throughout and after both of her pregnancies, she reached 200 pounds (90 kgs). She decided to do something about it and prove that moms can be fit and sexy too! Fast forward a few years later and she has become one of the most well-known Fitness Models/Fitness Gurus.

Workout plan:

  • Jennifer has a series of great Youtube videos that show us how to get fit and toned. The videos are also good for beginners because she often shows you how to adjust each exercise to suit your level (see below).
  • Jennifer has a one word motto, “BELIEVE”. She states that the key to reaching your fitness goals is believing that you can do it in your mind first, for example, by visualising how you would like to look. She also encourages people that real beauty starts with the qualities of the heart, before the shape of your abs.
  • You can also purchase her book, “Fitness Model Diet” here.


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