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Not only did we wake up to the sad news that Whitney Houston has passed away but the Sunday News Paper, Sunday World has reported that South African Socialite and owner of Diamond Face Couture Uyanda Mbuli is heading for separation from hubby, Sisa Mbuli after 10 years of marriage.

According to the news paper a source close to the couple revealed that it’s over between the couple. Furthermore the source revealed that Sisa had kicked Uyanda out of their Kyalami home and has also demanded that Uyanda returns the Porsche which he had bought for her.

Rumors also have it that that Sisa has also opened a case of kidnapping against the socialite, for taking their son without his consent. However Sisa, himself is facing charges of violating a protection order taken out for him by Uyanda.


The paper however, can’t verify all these allegations.

The source who was quoted saying

“Sisa complained that this was affecting their son as she wasn’t giving him the motherly care other children are getting”

This was in reference to Uyanda being a party animal with her gay friends.

Sisa sent a statement to the paper stating the following:

“Dear Sir

I wish to advise as follows:

In December 2008 Ms Uyanda Mbuli widely communicated, through several public mediums, including Sunday World, her intent to institute divorce proceedings.

In November 2011 we entered into agreement to conclude same.

Yours sincerely.”

While Uyanda’s publicist, Simphiwe Majola had this to say:

“This is a court matter which I’m not at liberty to comment on and would appreciate it if you could respect the couple’s privacy during this trying time as there is an innocent minor involved”.

This would explain why she hasn’t been active on twitter…

But she did tweet this earlier…

The cry of a woman’s heart this. Sending our thoughts and prayers to Uyanda and Sisa. Divorce is never nice….

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