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Pretty girl, Kelly Rowland hit up late night talk-show “Chelsea Lately” last night!

The uber fabulous singer, who is up for a Grammy this weekend, chopped it up with Chelsea Handler about getting Lil Wayne on the hit song “Motivation,” turning 30, her 80/20 diet plan & sexy Abs workout video, and of course, finding love.

“I got a good man,”

was all Kelly revealed. Mmmmmhhhh, gone Kels! Get yours mama!

The singer also attempted to show off her Australian British accent.

On her “nice” boobies
Hopefully, I can get two drinks with these.

On the Lil Wayne collaboration on her Grammy nominated song “Motivation”
I went to the studio, I told him about the…actually, no I’m lying. We were at a Heat game. I went to a Heat game. I saw him at a Heat game. Miami Heat game. And I told him I had a song. I went to the studio, played him the song and he got on it. And sometimes, I don’t know if you guys know, but artists will really, be a little bit difficult when it comes to getting on songs. Like you go through that Hollywood stuff. I don’t like that and he just did it.

On her 3rd album “Here I Am” being about in your 30’s and feeling sexy
Absolutely. When I turned 30. It was so empowering for me to turn 30. Like everything stupid that I did in my 20’s, like I was just like, ok, you cannot call him back. Don’t do anything stupid. I just decided just “shut up Kelly”.

On if she’s still single
I got a good man.

Are you happy?
Absolutely. Girl, am I happy?

You look happy and horny when you talk about him.
Those feeling come about too when thinking about him.

Check it:

And the much talked-about Abs?

On her ‘Sexy Abs’ DVD
I had so much fun. My trainer, Jeanette Jenkins taught me so much. Of course, Abs but she talk me this 80/20 rule because first of all I love sweets, I love cookies, I love cakes,  I love pies, I love sugar, I love candy and anything that has sugar in it. So I had to cut all of that off.  So I cut it off which I swear I was like a crazy person and mean as hell. But I did it and I got those result. It really works. 80% of the time you’re doing everything healthy. You eat, the greens and stuff that isn’t fun to eat but it’s good for you and it’s what you’re body needs. Then the stuff that I like –sugar, cakes, cookies, pies, and maybe a little cocktail in there, maybe five, that’s all the fun stuff.

Here is a peak of her Abs video with Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins:


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