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“I Think Therefore I Tweet”: The Twitter Revolution!!

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The emergence of social media in the 21st century has made celebrities no longer the mysterious beings we stalk envy and love.

Social media networks such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc have made celebrities accessible to fans, the public, news outlets and the like . With social media, we think we know their innermost thoughts, communicate with them and share a piece of their lives.

Twitter, I think, is the most favorite medium for connecting with fans for most celebrities. However, Twitter exposure has, in some cases, resulted in DRAMA e.g public displays of affection (Ochocinco & Evelyn Lozada), break-ups, make-ups (Chris Breezy & Rihanna, we watching you), hook ups (Kim Kardashian and *insert any athlete name here*) and at times hanging their dirty laundry for all to see (it can get nasty ya’ll).

Twitter should be dubbed as a “quickie gossip magazine“. Seriously! 140 characters of pure unadulterated g.o.s.s.i.p!

I have a 6th sense (don’t ask, I just know these things) that in the very near future, Twitter may very well put gossip publications out of business because those magazines often times report we already know….thanks of course to Twitter!!

Fights between fellow celebs are also witnessed first hand (early last year we witnessed Ciara and RiRi having a cat fight due to a comment made by Ciara on a TV show about RiRi’s  less than flattering outfit. The girls did kiss and make up).

Sometimes on twitter celebs are incorrectly declared dead *yikes* e.g. Eddie Murphy, Aretha Franklin, Bill Cosby, Jon Bon Jovi and most recently, Eddie Murphy…again! Y’all are quick with those R.I.P tweets *smh*…

A celeb whose tweets ALOT of folks wish would R.I.P is Nonhle Thema, former South African TV host. She is a classic lesson on how & what NOT to tweet. Seriously. But nonetheless girlfriend keeps us quite entertained when there is nothing else to do.

Kim Kardashian is another celeb who publicized her divorce on Twitter. The aftermath and potential fall-out from the sudden end to her 72-day marriage meant that Kim had to deal with some unimpressed fans and a lot of questions which she didn’t really answer.

But above allTwitter is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the celebrities we love. Fact is, we love to know what’s on their minds and all the juicy gory details of their lives. *hehehehehe*

That’s my opinion anyway,

Here are some of the wacky TWEETS by celebrities

Tell ’em why you mad son!

Your girl K! Karabo…

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