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DIARY OF A SISTA: Women Dating Younger Men

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At 21 I wanted to date an older guy, who is working and independent.

At 41 I wanted to date a young college boy who would depend on me.

After 40 years of living and being with someone older, it would be evident that dating a younger guy would inject some life into ones’ life. No harm in having fun, right???

I mean really who wouldn’t want to be seen with a hunky 20 something year old, who knows how to drive (of course don’t have a car of his own), dresses in designer labels, knows the right words and has timing like a criminal.

Ah sista, he makes you feel like a 21 year old with no worries and makes you feel like a superstar. When you walk into the mall with him, all eyes are on you. As you walk past with no care in world, whispers become louder as you put up a show. He won’t hesitate to confirm the whispers and put them to silent with just a kiss.

“Oh my gosh, they dating tjo”,   but why is it a problem that I chose to date a younger guy. I mean if a woman is empowered enough to buy her own sports car and wear that red sole with no care, why should she then date an older guys at her peak?

Call her a sugar mommy or a cougar, but darling her love life is of a young carefree lady.

Don’t get why women are looked down upon when dating a younger guy, as opposed to an older man dating a younger woman.

Oh well sista, like Mary J sings “If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill, say oh oh!!” keep him and flaunt him.

Just saying to a sista from another sista

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