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“I Feel Very Strongly That President Barack Obama Will Remain In Office” – Oprah Winfrey In India

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“…I am not being overly confident about it, but when you look at the other party [Republicans], I’m just saying…,”

– Oprah

Say it girl….

I have said it and will continue to say that the 2012 road to the White House is going to be very interesting. As a matter of fact, it already is! Have y’all seen the “other” party?!? *smh* Foolery at its highest!!!

In her week-long visit to India, Oprah Winfrey experienced a variety of life in India; from a glamorous high society Bollywood party in Mumbai and a guided visit to one of the city’s slums with Australian convict-turned-author of the famed novel Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts, to a visit to a widows ashram in the North Indian holy city of Vrindavan before rounding off with a trip to the famed Taj Mahal in Agra.

On President Barack Obama’s chances for second term:

“I believe in him… I love him, I appreciate him. Of course you make mistakes. You are walking into the White House. You have the whole world watching you. And he is a man. And I mean that in the best way, he is a man, meaning a world leader, he’s not a God. And so as a man you make mistakes in the world sometimes. I think the world forgot that we were on the brink of a depression in our country and nobody knew whether we were going to have bread lines, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But he was able to stop that from happening… I think that it’s a difficult job and I think that his next four years are going to be even more successful for our country and that people are going to get back to work.

“It’s going to be a really good thing that he remains in office. I feel very strongly that he will remain in office. I am not being overly confident about it but when you look at the other party, I’m just saying…”

On her visiting India for the first time:

“I came here with an open mind, and it has been expanded… It’s the greatest life experience I have ever had. You feel like you’re in the center of something bigger and greater than yourself. “I was overwhelmed by the chaos, the traffic and people who never stopped for red lights, by men riding donkeys, women wearing helmets with saris and oxen-drawn carts laden with steel… It made my head spin – I felt like I was part of a video game. I don’t know which way to look. It’s a bit chaotic, but there’s an underlying calm, a flow, that you all seem to understand.

India is a paradox.”

In on why she was selective in what she depicted of India:

“It was important for me to go to the slums but not show the worst of the worst, but show that people can live in poverty and still have hope and meaning in their lives… I will take with me a sense of calmness, and a genuine respect…

….people don’t talk religion here, they live it,”

On why she never married:

“I am not the marrying kind. I know that in a country like India where women have arranged marriages that turn into love, it may seem like a mystery as to why. But if we (referring to her partner since 1986 Stedman Graham) were married, by now we would be divorced.”

 Oprah was a big hit in India. Some of her Indian fans….

 Love it!

Click here to watch the entire interview.


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