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In Other News…

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Twitter seems to have turned into a mini porn site…

South African socialite Khanyi Mbau, nude pictures were leaked on twitter.


The Queen of Bling, later on posted a statement addressing the nude pictures, follow @MbauReloaded to read it

Ps: Theunis Crous JUST STOP IT MAN!!

Then there’s boobgirl *sigh*, twitter was at buzz when people followed some random girl who’s avatar showed her boobs. 

She definitely got all the men talking, and created a trend when hours later another girl changed her avatar showing off her boobs. They are a sad case, really to go to such an extend to get some attention.

Oh well moving right along…

Earlier during the week a letter was making the rounds, what really caused a stir is that it claimed that a group of HIV/AIDS infected people were going around infecting people. It contains names of women who are allegedly members of this group, but it seems like the guy who wrote this letter made up this whole story. As some of the women mentioned there don’t know what the letter is referring to.

Click here to read the letter.

People please stay safe and avoid such


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