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CATCH UP: R.I.P Muzi ‘Clive’ Ngwenya, UJ CLAIMS A LIFE, No second season for Zola and more!!

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We here at FaraiToday would like to extend out condolences to the family of Muzi ‘Clive’ Ngwenya for their loss. Not only did they lose their son, but the whole nation lost a brilliant actor. The 30 year old has been said that he was trapped inside a burning house on Tuesday, as a result he passed away, but no confirmation has been released. After coming second in the hit reality show “Class Act”, his career took off. After appearing in some local shows, he managed to get a part in the soon to be released Winnie Mandela movie.


He will be greatly missed by his family, friends and fans.

May His soul Rest in Peace

After last years late application chaos, one would have thought that the University of Johannesburg, would not want to put themselves through that process again.

With the increased matric pass rate, the University thought they would help the prospective students get educated. But little did they know that it would take a parents death for them to stop and for Government to intervene.

Gloria the mother of Kgositsile Sekwena died on Tuesday from the stampede. The Univerity of Johannesburg has released a statement stating that they would pay for the boys tuition fees till he finishes studying.

After Rolling with Zola for 13 episodes, ETV will not be Rolling with him anymore but would be Rolling with a different celebrity. Question is when did they decide to change the format? There would be looking at rolling with different celebrities for every season.

Who would you like to roll with in the next coming season?

Let us know While others a dreading Jan-u-worry, some are planning the Annual J&B Met 2012 outfit to suit the theme Made Different. Fashion, socialites, horses, celebrities, bloggers *side eyes boss lady lol* and the all expenses paid type of people will all meet here for the most awaited Cape Town affair.


Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the event and to see who really stuck to the theme ‘Made Different’.

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