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WATCH NOW: In Case You Missed “The Game” Season 5 Premiere ‘Skeletons…The Truth Pact’!

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I actually am one of the few? many? folks that missed the highly anticipated premiere of Season 5 of BET’s “The Game”…

And one word. D.R.A.M.A!

According to The Nielsen Company, the debut of Season 5 of The Game drew in 5.3 million total viewers this past Tuesday night, making it cable’s #1 scripted series telecast among 18-49 this season and the #1 cable sitcom premiere this season among households, viewers and adults 18-49.

Nice BET. Ouch CW.…I know someone, somewhere out there at CW is kicking their….

I was not one of the 5.3 million that tuned in Tuesday night to watch the premiere. I actually caught the full episode online in between the millions of things I was doing *smh*. I know. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do!

A little outlandish at times (Tijuana, Mexico? really?) Yes, Jason Pitts wakes up with a wedding band on his finger. That’s right. He got married to Chardonnay (no wonder South African comedian Trevor Noah went in on the uniqueness of some American names. I will leave it at that.) Chardonnay is played by singer/actress Brandy Norwood! She played Chardonnay to the tee!! Snap! Snap!

Ok, so real quick. Show opens to reveal the depth of the dysfunction in Mel and Derwin‘s relationship and marriage. And I do adore this couple. Because I think the show’s only married couple (Jason & Kelly called it quits seasons ago) reflect what actually goes on in relationships and marriages in the real world…

This season, the show opens with Mel & Derwin leaving the doctor’s office in a heated argument, foretelling us their dysfunction will continue to be a major plot point in the show. Mel once had an abortion without telling her hubby. And the baby was not Derwin’s. Daaaaang Mel! The baby was Trey Wiggins, Derwin’s on-field rival and the man Mel was dating back in Season 2, when she and Derwin were on a hiatus….Derwin has to work through forgiving Mel who wisely tells him that she has to live with the fact that he has a child with another woman. Baby momma drama for life!

Not sure what’s happening to Malik but I have never been a fan of his character. Anyway, Malik spends the entire episode trying to sober his supermodel girlfriend, Jenna whom he met in rehab in Season 4….His mother, Tasha Mackitty Mack baby (Tasha Mack) whom I adore, is conflicted with the decision she made to rep her son over Derwin!

Then finally we discover that Jason Pitts does actually harbor some beef towards Black women…*sigh*…of course we discover this through a tryst that Jase has with Gloria (played by supermodel Selita Ebanks), a high-powered sports executive & a Black woman!

Ok, I have said enough …

Catch the full episode below:

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