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WATCH NOW: South African Comedian,Trevor Noah on “The Tonight Show” With Jay Leno

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South African comedian, Trevor Noah who in the USA to broaden his brand, appeared on the “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Trevor appeared on the show with singer, Van Hun and award winning actress Glenn Close.

Trevor’s routine was hilarious to me especially if you put it in context. He is a South African Colored (mixed race) and recently moved to the US for a brief career sojourn. So while he focused on jokes on race, particularly concerning African Americans, how they speak, their names, their credit (yes, he went there, there AND there!) and the effects of apartheid on his own family, Jay Leno & his audience were .

Good evening.

My name is Trevor Noah and I am from South Africa.  I have been in America for a few weeks now and I am not going to lie, this isn’t the America I was promised. I’m a little disappointed. It is different from the brochures and pamphlets. I thought I was coming to the richest nation in the world, where you guys were making it “rain” as you say. Turns out that America has a credit rating of a Black man. Its been tough…

I’ve always wanted to be Black. That was my American dream. Not a job or money….

I grew up in South Africa during a time known as apartheid when it was illegal for Black and White people to interact.

My mother is a South African woman, Black, and my father is Swiss from Switzerland. He was a White man. Well he still is, it is not like he changed.  … so they got together during this time, which was against the law. But they didn’t care, they were mavericks. My mom was like: “Wooo! I don’t care, I want a white man. Wooo!” She was crazy. And my dad was, well, you know how the Swiss love chocolate…So I was born a crime…As a family we were not allowed to live together….When we walked in the streets, my dad had to walk on the other side and wave at me like a creepy pedophile. My mom could walk with me but had to let go of my hand and act like I wasn’t hers….when the police showed up, she would have to let go of my hand….I felt like a bag of weed.

And then he went in on American Blacks / African Americans….I thought he was courageous to do that and funny!!

Here is what Trevor tweeted!

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