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NEW MUSIC: Amber Rose Debuts New Single “Fame” Featuring Wiz Khalifa

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Here’s some new music for you guys…

“The song represents the ups and downs of fame and lets people know that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be,”

Ealier on today Amber Rose released her first single “Fame” which features her boyfriend Wiz Khalifa.

On the song, Amber paints a picture of the lives of the rich & famous:

Scrutinize, being blind
Excited by all the lights
The question wasn’t made up
Like these rumors were made up
Can’t shop for clothes or buy some cigs
Without paparazzi waiting for a flick
This is a new situation
Now you’re an overnight sensation

Can’t deny it’s just fly
Private jets flying high
Rockin’-rockin’ things you won’t see
Tell ’em made by Givenchy
Three years ago, just a girl
Now your name is known around the world
This is a new situation
Now you’re an overnight sensation

Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa
And you made it this year
Coming up so they hate it
Fly first class so they could get mad
You heard what they have to say but you paid it
Now you’re busting out, doing your thing
In your face, cuss ’em out
Brag cause you’re the one that they fuss about
You’s a bad little mother shut your mouth, cause…

It’s all because of the F-A-M-E
You’re not ready
You’re not ready for the fame
Now you’re ready…


“I have my own unique sound, I make music that I love and I hope that my fans and the people that embrace me will love it also!”

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