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Young & Upcoming: Tumelo J Sibanda

Who would have thought that one would find Tumelo Sibanda better known as Tume, all chilled out in his room on a Friday afternoon. The young actor who was busy studying for his exams managed to give us some time to get to know him better.

Not only is he talented but he also an academic at heart. He is currently a third year student at the University of Johannesburg (glad to say that he qualified for his Honours studies), pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an accountant. Inspired by his mother, he recalls wanting to become just like and till this day still looks up to his mother. With his love for theatre, Tumelo has found someone to look up to and seek inspiration from fellow actress Sibulele Gchilitshana contributes to the person he has become.

Sibulele Gchilitshana

One newspaper had reported that he would like to become the President, but right now he has realised that he does not have to be a President to bring about in South Africa.


Being the second born to his mother, Tumelo hopes to have 3 to 4 children *phew* of his own one day. It goes without say that he is an emotional person who is very fond of family. His eyes glow as he tells us about his niece who was turning a month old on the 4th (November).


Going back to his career, these days he can be found playing Lucky on Scandal, a role that he describes as his “longest job” but not only is it a job for him it is a role that allows him to do what he would not normally do. “I have shot a person, being raped, have had diabetes, fought somebody, forced somebody to kill someone and been a street kid” that is what acting has enabled him to do. He said “being an accountant is a calling and being an actor is an anointment”. One would think that with so many international movie appearances, Tumelo would be used to fame but rather prefers to keep to his books and swears to reply to all his Facebook and Twitter messages. His intentions are to pursue both careers and only time will tell for this young man although accounting takes preference. He sees himself “lecturing and consulting during the day, performing at night and shooting a feature film for six months” he is basically a man on a mission of his own.


Favourite hang-out spot: Panyaza *so ghetto Tume lol* and his room

Favourite car model: Toyota Corolla *hmmm*and Range Rover

Favourite brand: Allan Grey *very biased*

Favourite restaurant: Tasha’s

Favourite mall: Maponya Mall *lol side eyes*

Favourite artist: Adele

And yes ladies he’s single but sadly not looking *sigh*, as he is working on changing that status.

I must say Tumelo is such a passionate person who let all his guard down for us. Haven’t meet such an emotional and touching soul in a long time and his honesty is moving. One thing that moved me is his passion behind his craft and work. Not only is he an great actor but he has proven people wrong that actors do have brains by obtaining his Bachelor Of Commerce in record time while pursuing his other love. Wishing him all the best in all his ventures in the near future and may he keep gracing our screen and soon the theatre stage.

Follow him on Twitter @tumelojames

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