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Not that kinda diary *Diary of a mad Black Sista*…

Is it really that bad for a Black sister to date a brother from another race?

Living in the 21st century means living the life that our parents are not accustomed to. Oh well it has shifted from what religion they come from to “she is dating a white man”. An interracial relationship is always kept a secret for some time period, out of fear being labelled otherwise. Seeing that we live in an era whereby race seems to be a thing of the part, oh well not until one has close encounter with another race will an issue arise.

Being in an interracial relationship exposes one to the true nature of their close ones, and how they adapt to new situations. Growing up one was taught to keep to their kind and as a result dating from another was a taboo. But since we refer to ourselves as ‘modern woman’, dating from another race doesn’t seem farfetched.

Once seen in public with your new ma, the ‘sistas’ will make nasty commons such as ‘who does she think she is?’ or ‘it’s her sugar daddy’. One question still remains as to why do ‘sistas’ look down on others. Not only does one have to deal with family issues, but also public views.

Love knows no colour, but our eyes do. When one has found their ‘true love’, everything that really does not matter seems to fade away to the point that one forgets about their partners skin colour. But why would another woman be the one to pin point the obvious in the hope of ruining it all, because they can’t get over what you have.

But why sista? Why hold another sista from their happiness?

From a sista to a sista

Peace, Love and Happiness

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