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Top Grossing Movies Of 2011…

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Box Office Mojo recently released its list of the top grossing movies released in 2011.

Of course the big, big budget movies did great! The Harry Potter franchise, Transformers, Twilight, Hangoever, Cars, Pirates, all dominated the top spots!

I do have to mention one movie which fell one spot from top 10 grossers of the year but had a HUGE impact. The Civil Rights era drama The Help which had the country talking!

Loved this movie for sooooo many reasons!

First Viola Davis is a first-class actress & watching her perform in The Help endeared me to her even more!

I watched it over the holidays with friends and boy did we boo hoo, laugh & relate to it. While the stereotypes were played out in the movie (can be considered offensive) *rolls eyes*, it was the quiet dignity, the tenacity, and strength displayed by Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and the other “maids” that had most movie-goers locked in. Black & White too…

Of course it helped that good overcame evil…

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