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Now that the festive season is just about over and the back to school adverts are being aired, January is really sinking in. All that Christmas shopping that you did is catching up with you and only now are you feeling the pinch. The January demands don’t seem to end, from school uniform, stationary to travel allowance.

When we all partied up a storm, no thoughts were foreseen about how much we would have to struggle. And being paid in early December doesn’t help the money situation either and the thought of pay day in January is the most looked forward to day ever.   

People often refer to January as the Monday of the months; it is as rough to get over as every single Monday. Just as blue as every Monday, one can’t wait to get over it and just move along like it never came. But we never seem to learn the lesson about this month and every year we go through the same path once again.

Here some tips how to survive the January blues:

1. Buy all school needs in December after being paid.

2. Don’t be shy to take as many samples as you want at the shops *they usually give away a lot of samples in January*

3. If you single go on as many dates as possible *free lunches and dinners for ladies that is, sorry boys*

4. Buy you December grocery in bulk, so that in January you don’t buy again.

5. Buy cheap wine, you will get drunk fast *or so I hear, just don’t drink and drive* or better yet stay away from alcohol for the month

6. Gain some negotiating skills and shop for bargains

7. Accept every dinner or braai invite

8. Catch a lift with friends when going to the same place

9. Leave your credit card at home when going out *what you can’t afford in cash, don’t buy it*

10. Pay all your bills in advance, so that when January approaches you would have settled your account for January

11. Why not send recipes to your friends and offer to be a guinea pig *free meals yall*

All of these are easy step to enjoying January next year!!

I’m hoping that the Jan-u-Worry bug won’t catch you out again.

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