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#DearUniverse…My South African Celeb Wish-List For 2012!!!

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Um, yeah, so I have been a very good girl & all and I’m super grateful for everything you have granted me this past year, #2011 *so 2 days ago I know*.

But I thought I should put out some well wishes for our fellow South African celebrities as we enter into a new year, #2012…

Here goes!

Could SABC give our girl B, Bonang Matheba, a time slot already for her reality show? I can bet some serious paper that you guys would make a killing off of that show! Think Keeping Up With The Kardashians but on steroids! That’s your girl B!  *getting tired of hinting now* #iThankYou

Oh dear Mshoza, honey….where does one even begin?!? Girl, please stop with all of the enhancement procedures you keep doing to yourself. Just stop. We get it already. You have issues?! So instead, why don’t you release an album at least #ItsTime #ForRealThough…

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