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FESTIVE CHAOS: “Celebrate The Holidays Responsibly!”

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For some of us, the words Festive Season mean that we should go out and wile out. It has been proven that people experiment more with drugs and practice other irresponsible behaviors during the holiday season than any other time.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during this season so ya’ll can take me as that little voice in your head that says “Don’t Do It“.

Real talk, first, “Don’t Drink and Drive”. Period. Kapeesh. In Italiano, Capisce!! Seriously, find some one else to do it (the driving of course) for you. Actually scratch that, don’t get Drunk period because you already know the consequences. *no need to mention them*.

Second, Don’t spend all your money, you are going to need it in the New Year *fact* and oh Do spend time with family because face it they are biological designed to care about you so you know it’s genuine unlike some fake friends.

Whether it is the festive season or not our celebrities have a way of getting into trouble and they hardly ever go unnoticed. Drunk Driving is infamous with our celebrity friends who are supposed to be “role models”, if I didn’t know better I’d say it is a sure way for them to get publicity and apparently Bad Publicity is better than no Publicity!!??.

Here are some of the Celebrities who have been caught Driving Under the Influence

“Famous Bad Girl” Paris Hilton, who is famous for being… well, famous, not only drove drunk but drove on a suspended license for an alcohol related driving case….

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