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HELP A BROTHER OUT: R.Kelly Has 32 More Chapters Of “Trapped In The Closet” However…

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…he needs money to give you us what he gave back in 2005-2007…

Remember his song set “Trapped in the closet…“?

It consisted of 22 chapters, which were released from 2005 to 2007. Written and produced by Ranganai Kelly *smile* R. Kelly, the series tells a story of a one-night stand that sets off a chain of events, which gradually reveals a greater web of lies, sex and deceit….


R Kelly

So TMZ caught up with R. Kelly in Los Angeles as he was leaving a gym yesterday. R. announced that had 32 new chapters of his classic hip-hopera “Trapped in the Closet“. But don’t look for the vids anytime. Yeah, R. says he needs financial backing to make this new body of work:

… Yeah, well “Trapped In The Closet” aside from me being silly and not having a job and having nothing else to do, sitting around the studio. I’ve always wanted to be a movie director. So that’s what I’m working on. And that’s pretty much my movie director, seeping out through my music. That’s the best way to put it…

By the way I have 32 more chapters…that I’m trying to put out now…

it costs a lot of money to do … so we’re actually looking for investors…”


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