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WORD?!?: Reggie Bush On Kim Kardashian’s 72 Day Marriage & Divorce “Stranger Things Have Happened”

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The man has finally spoken!!

Of course folks wanted to know Reggie Bush‘s thoughts on his famous ex’s 72 day marriage & divorce!

Well, Reggie, running back for the Miami Dolphins, was on a conference call Tuesday with New England reporters. Check out what he had to say when one reporter at the Boston Herald “couldn’t let him go without asking” about Kim Kardashian and her divorce from New Jersey Nets player, Kris Humphries


Reggie Bush

Reggie said during the conference laughing:

“Ha, I have no comment about that, man, I’m focused on football right now.”

When the reporter asked what he thought about the fact Kim filed for divorce after only 72 days, Reggie dodged the question, but not before getting one jab in:

Reg & Kimmie

“Yeah, well, I guess stranger things have happened. But like I said, I’m focused on football and not focused on anybody else’s marriage or anything like that.”

He also mentioned that he was aware of reports in Life & Style tabloids that had reported recently that Reggie had reached out to Kim and that the former couple would most likely get back together:

“Yeah, trust me, I’m very well aware of what goes in the magazines.”

Gone Reg! Mama taught ya well….


Via International Business Times

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