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I’m sure you have seen those people who are at every social event, and you ask yourself HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Well let’s just say some will sacrifice their grocery allowance to be at an event, while some resort to begging publicists to get on the guest list and some have become so called friends with the right people.

Having the celebrity status means having access to the most anticipated parties, getting freebies, sponsors and a number of people who adore your every being. I mean who would not want that, but the price that others pay to get it. Well let us just say it’s a hefty price to pay to get that status.


From trying to keep up with the latest trends and labels, to having a sugar daddy/mommy or sleeping your way up. All these things might just make you famous for the wrong reasons, which is why we always ask WHAT ARE YOU FAMOUS FOR? I mean if I have no talent what so ever but I am in every newspaper, surely there must be something that is making me news worthy. While my parents sit back at home are hard at work for me have a decent education, suddenly appear in the latest gossip tabloid for sleeping with so many soccer players or even worse a married politician. All in the aid of being famous *seriously* is fame really worth all that trouble?

Being at every event *uninvited at times* does not make you a socialite but rather like a fame chaser. Or do some people live by the motto ‘fake it till you make it’?

Fame status is worked for and only patience will reward you. Overnight fame is just that, how you get it is how you lose it.

That’s all from me for now!!

Love Peace & Paparazzi

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