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EXCLUSIVE: INSIDE South Africa’s BIGGEST & POPULAR Youth Radio Station 99.2YFM! “Never Never Land does exist after all”

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The widely popular and South Africa’s biggest youth radio station YFM 99.2 should really stand for Young. Fabulous. Mo’funny (Mo’ money. Mo’crazy. Mo’errythang. Mo’whatever you wanna call it!)

We know this year, so much noise was heard from their stable that it was hard to ignore them.

So we wanted to find out what it was about this station that made it resonate widely with the youth & young at heart! We met up with the man behind the people behind the music, YFM Programme Manager, Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng to find out what it is these guys are giving to the so called “Generation Y” to keep them locked into YFM 99.2 & craving for more….

Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng

FaraiToday: What is the secret behind the station’s success?

Tumelo: We have continued to unearth young radio talent when everyone else is playing safe. We are extremely proud of the fact that we do not have to look to other stations to recruit talent. Fresh out of the box and hand-picked from campus Radio Stations, Community Stations and from our very successful Internship Programme called “The Y Academy“. This is how we do and what we do and that alone typifies the YFM brand with their injection of youthful edginess and street smarts.

Bonang – hardest working media darling. Love her!

FaraiToday: How do you deal with the dynamics of “Generation Y”? Are they really hard to please?

Tumelo: This is a station for the “youth by the youth”. This makes it really easy for our DJ’s relate to “Generation Y”. They are all at the same level and understand the dynamics that come with the age group and as you put it “Generation Y”

FaraiToday: What is it exactly that you feel appeals to the youth about this station?

Tumelo: Well, I would say that sometimes with identity crisis looming at a certain stage as well as other challenges that come with being a youth, YFM is like a safe haven. Sometimes youths want an escapism from that confusing world and want to be in a place where they feel
safe, are not judged and where they can just hang out with people who speak their language.

Siz n Scoop – nuff said!

FaraiToday: Being such a young radio-station, do you not then feel as though the older DJs feel pressured to leave?

Tumelo: If they are not pressured I will be a bit worried *hint hint*! At the end of the day, this is a young radio-station and as long as our DJ’s can keep themselves relevant to our listeners then they can soldier on…

FaraiToday: With some of your DJs becoming household names as they launched their own reality shows and some gracing magazine covers, as Programme Manager, don’t you fear that this fame can get to them and they will leave?

Tumelo: YFM produces stars. Period. If our stars are not allowed to shine out there then I don’t know what the point of producing stars will be. Their shining is at the moment producing a great synergy because it is working very well for both parties (them as DJs and the radio station, YFM).

Dineo Ranaka – YFM’s first female afternoon drive time jock on “Dineo Live on Drive”

FaraiToday: So where do you see this station going from here?

When it comes to music, we live by one credo;


“If it’shot, then we’ll play it!”


Tumelo: YFM will still be young and will remain forever young. *There I was thinking Peter Pan and Never Never land were just a fairy tale lol*.

The truth is that there will always be youth’s at any given time and as long as we keep up with them, the sky is the limit and we will continue to unleash new music and showcase new spanking talent….

Wow! After speaking to Tumelo I understand why self-proclaimed millionaire, Nonhle Thema wanted to buy YFM. One thing I know though is that JUST the brand alone, will cost you an arm and a leg!

Buying the Station?!? Weeeeeeellllll you gotta have some stooopid cheddah to afford it…Like Will Smith says;

You, tryna flex on me?!?
Don’t be silly…..

*wink wink*.

Warras (One word. Yummy)

All I can say is that YFM understands that music is able to capture people’s hearts and souls in ways that the body knows not how to deal with beside to dance to the tune. I cannot wait to see what Yfm has in store for us in 2012, but for now we just have to sit on the edge of our seats and watch them making history.

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For now so long folks. S/O to Melanie Ramjee, baddest PR chic in Mzansi….

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