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FAB EVENT: Lil Wayne’s South African “I AM STILL MUSIC TOUR” + Drake Stops By As Surprise Guest!

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Let’s hope we all had a great weekend and ready for the week ahead of us!

Johannesburg, South Africa was buzzing with Lil Wayne and Drake! The two mega artists were both in the city on the same weekend for concert.

And all I have to say is “Young Money Cash Money Billionaires!!”

Attending the 2nd Johannesburg leg of the tour at the Coca Cola Dome at Northgate, expectations were high and with the surprise act revealed earlier on twitter, everyone and I mean ERRYBODY wanted a ticket.

Rick Ross *sigh* all I can say is that he is a two line man. All the songs he performed were short. I get that he had health issues, remember he suffered from seizures in October.

Rick Ross *HA*

Then came Lil Wayne, who spent a good 2 1/2 hours on stage, which really felt like 5 minutes. I must confess that he has gained himself a fan in me! I was blown by his performance and still can’t get over him!

Weezy wanted people to know THREE things about hi;

1. He believes in God.

2. He’s nothing with you (fans).

3. He’s nothing with you.

Those three things are still rounding in my head, as most artists do not open up like he did. My song of the night goes to “How to Love”. Lil Wayne made it clear that he wants a South African baby, now we all know what he means by that *cues P*ssy, Money, Weed*

He did tweet:

In South Africa w/ my homies,makin $, sk8’n, performing my azz off, & I get 2 make luv 2 the most beautiful woman! Mylifemylifemylifemylife.YOLO

Lil Wayne in his Leopard pants *lol*

The ladies screamed so much for Drake; only for him to perform just ONE song! Really though?!? Nonetheless Drizza gave an outstanding performance.

And I must also admit that he is one fine looking brother *tummy in, chest out*.

Weezy & Drizzle on stage!

Lil Wayne and Drake sharing a moment

Me and my girl Zukiswa at the concert

PS: Please excuse my quality of the pictures from the event

Thanks to CANOC Productions and Debra for the tickets, kudos to the team for an awesome job well done!!

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  • Pphakwe36

    i enjyed the Tour of lil wayne in Coca Cola dome it was so crzy i love weezy F…..( Young Mua Baby)

  • Duduzile Chiloane

    and so did we :)