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Vivica A. Fox Stars In The Hallmark Channel’s ‘Annie Claus Is Coming To Town’ [VIDEO]

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So while Vivica A. Fox is set to return to television, on the Hallmark Channel this coming Saturday (December 10th) in a new Christmas film, Annie Claus is Coming to Town, the blogosphere is ablaze with the back & forth between her and ex-fiance, Slimm, 27-year old Atlanta promoter.

The frenzy was sparked off by recent interview that Viv did with Access Hollywood. She made me laugh with her one-liner:

cause I happen to fall in love with a six pack and a smile

*ouch* Of course Slimm, her ex came back with his rejoinder via Necole Bitchie:

“baby, don’t hit me with that two can play that game

Black on Black beef is never pretty. I hate it when couples take their ish to the “streets”. Viv the “celeb” in this, should know better *Fiasco with Fifty, cough* I remember my interview with her where we chatted about Fif & the lessons she got out of that whole mess break-up. I thought by now she knew better.

And Slimm, on the other hand, being a man, Black man, can do better to protect the Black woman….ex or not. Otherwise, it becomes fodder for the media….


Anyway Viv chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about her new film

What was it that drew you to play Lucy, in Annie Claus is Coming to Town?

This is the second Hallmark movie that I’ve done. I did their Christmas movie last year, Farewell Mr. Kringle. The director, Kevin Conner, and I had such a great time working with each other last year, that he called back and said ‘I want to work with Vivica this time, but I want to give her a much bigger role.’ So for this one, I got to play Lucy, who is the owner of the Candy Cane Hotel, and when Annie (Maria Thayer) comes down from the North Pole, my daughter (Nay Nay Kirby) and I kind of help her to take off her rose-colored glasses cause she’s looking for love.

You have no less than 10 projects set to come out in the next year, what are you working on in the future?

Oh my goodness, how about a vacation! It’s been such a busy year for me, I just went from project, to project to project. And it’s so crazy for me because a couple of years ago I was really frustrated with Hollywood because the roles that were coming my way were not fun, they weren’t stimulating. I was gonna move to Miami and become a sportscaster. Then, things kind of switched around and now I’ve been working non-stop playing smart roles. I just finished a film in Tulsa, OK So This is Christmas with Eric Roberts and then before that I played a sports agent in a film called Home Run. I’ve just been working non-stop, I’m gonna work on a vacation next.

What do you think changed in the industry to bring about more roles?

I think reality was really hurting a lot of things, to be honest. There weren’t projects for actors; reality was just taking over. I mean, who would have ever thought that Susan Lucci, All My Children and all the wonderful soap operas from New York would be cancelled? They’re replacing those with reality shows and competition shows. But, everything has a turn. So I think now things are going back to scripted and giving actors a chance, and I’m grateful. I’m just so thrilled that they’re letting real actors do their thing again.

Kill Bill: Vol. 3: Any chance of a flashback or cameo?

Quentin Tarantino is such a genius, that I am really hoping it will either be a flashback or something that he can show Vernita Green playing with her daughter [Nikki], teaching her some moves, or passing on some messages that she remembers. I would definitely tell her to ‘Watch out with that cereal box, don’t try that move on The Bride, cause she’s also good with the knife.’ Maybe it’ll be a flashback or something like that, but I definitely hope to be a part of it.

Check out Viv:


Part Deaux:

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