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From HOPELESS To RISING: The Economist 2000 Cover “The Hopeless Continent” VS. The Economist 2011 Cover “Africa Rising”

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Picked this up from Saran K Jones, founder & Executive Director of FaceAFRICA, a non profit that funds and supports sustainable clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Liberia.

According to blog, Afribiz:

The Economist wrote a story retracting its “hopeless” tag on Africa and said it is the “rising” & “hopeful” continent. The article also shared that Oprah Winfrey (worth $3 billion) is no longer the richest person of African descent, but Aliko Dangote (worth $13.8 billion) of Nigeria is. How things have changed.

Indeed, how things have changed. African is poised to be the new “golden child”….

Check out the Economist 2000 Cover titled “The Hopeless Continent”



The recent Economist 2011 cover titled “Africa rising

The article goes on further:

In fact, it is not only a few Africans on the continent who are becoming wealthier.  The African middle class (including lower middle and high middle) numbered about 313 million, or 34.3% of Africa’s population, in 2010, according to the African Development Bank (AfDB). This represents almost three times the number of people that were considered middle class in 1980.

In 2011, ten of the richest Africans have a combined worth of approximately $47 billion. While this represents stores of wealth and not annual income, it is still staggering that only a few people have wealth greater than annual revenue generated in many countries in the world. There isn’t a problem that individuals have accumulated such wealth, actually.

It’s a good sign that Africa is on the move.

I think this is a perfect introduction to this piece.READ ON

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