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The African Leadership Academy: Educating Kids To Solve Africa’s Problems [CNN VIDEO]

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It ain’t only Oprah Winfrey who is investing in the African youth (there’s about 400 million below age of 16 not educated properly)….

Enter Fred Swaniker, who believes passionately in educating the youth of African to solve the continent’s problems through The African Leadership Academy. Love the work that Fred and his team are doing…

When Fred was 18-years old, his dad had just died, he was a “head-master” of the school his mom was running in Botswana. That experience gave him the confidence and the practice to launch the The African Leadership Academy when he turned 27-years old.

“You don’t learn leadership through theory. You learn leadership by leading.”

Fred cites great leaders who were influenced by a leadership experience (even if its a small project) during their formative years which prepared them for bigger work like Richard Branson, selling magazines when he was 16-years and that prepared him to build Virgin. Nelson Mandela got involved with the ANC Youth League in his early 20’s and that prepared him to lead the tremendous change in South Africa. Michael Dell started selling computers out of his dorm room when he was 19-years and that prepared him to build Dell. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook when he was 17-years old out of his Harvard dorm room and…the rest is history.

The African Leadership Academy look for the following qualities in the applicants:

1. Courage

2. Passion

3. Perseverance

4. Good values

Watch Now:


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