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“Tell ‘Em Why You Mad Son”: British Woman Arrested by Police Over Racist Tirade In Train [VIDEO]

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A British woman, Emma West, 34 years old, on South London tram was caught on tape complaining that Britain is nothing now that ethnic minorities are in her country… <—- THIS in 2011 *smh*…

The transcript of part of Emma’s rants:

‘You ain’t English. No, you ain’t English either. You ain’t English. None of you’s ****ing English. Get back to your own ****ing… do you know what sort out your own countries, don’t come and do mine.

‘It’s nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is **** all. My Britain is **** all.

‘You ain’t British, you’re black. Where do you come from?

Check it [explicit language]:


In response to the attention garnered by the video, word of which spread widely through Twitter via the #mytramexperience hash tag, British police tracked down Emma West and arrested her for a racially aggravated public order offense. The British Tram Police announced that they had made the arrest via Twitter.

Speak on it….

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  • Mabuza

    wow. Its like that? She need to be punched in the face

  • Andy Warham

    Long live Emma West

  • guest

    What a retarded old looking hag.. maybe she should tell her folk to give back south africa and Usa to the rightful owners if she is talking about taking over countries, more so maybe all the economic advantages should be given back to then you would have YOUR country back.. and every one would have there’s.

  • Realist

    Arrest Hollingworth for putting the illegally covert film on youtube. She claims on Twitter “at least her sons safe now”, Sorry but it was her film that put him in danger in the first place. It has cause a huge amout of anger from both sides, remember the death threats?