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RUMOR CONTROL: Is LisaRaye McCoy “Single Lady” Or “Engaged To….”?!?

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When I heard that actress LisaRaye McCoy (Players’ Club & Single Ladies TV series) was engaged to very popular Bishop Noel Jones (founder of Noel Jones Ministries, pastor of  mega-church, City of Refuge based in L.A and brother of Grace Jones), I was shocked surprised…. They just seem like an odd pair. Hollywood actress & a pastor. A bishop at that. However, I am learning not to judge love and most of all, His ways….which are “past finding out“…

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Bishop Noel Jones.

No shade on LisaRaye. I’m loving her, especially the way she overcame her very public divorce from Turks & Caicos Premier, Michael Misick to her endearing role as Keisha in the TV series “Single ladies”. My bestie was telling me a quote by LisaRaye that I thought was interesting:

“Gold-digger?!? Chile, I’m past gold digging. I am a platinum digger!

Yeah, just file that under “the randomness“…moving on!

LisaRaye & Stacey Dash (former co-star of Single Ladies)

Of course LisaRaye took to Twitter to dispel the rumors, tweeting:

Let me put an end to this…people have us dating, engage and running off to get married and I’m not doing ANY of the above. I attend….”

I attend his church because I’ve been in search of a church home. I made a brief stop at his church and I will be continuing my journey.

And by the way, when I do get engaged…I’ll let yall know…deal?

And if you don’t know, now you know…

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  • Itsmsvee

    A lot of celebrities stop by City of Refuge, so why was she singled out? Hmmm…..will see if she makes it to West Angeles or Faithful Central during her “journey”

  • Francince

    You can all jump upon the Noel Jones banned wagon but the ex-hushand you say nothing too nice but is she stupid or is she stupid; I do not believe that she did not check this man, Michael Misick, out  before she hook up with him and she surely was not inlove with the man neither was he with her it was a who would get over on the other.  She was had believing that though his name is Prince Misick well, hell girl were you that stupid and desperate. You thought you was getting over on him and he did you!  You better keep you knees padded because they have gone up against you in the name of Jesus with a  little tongues, and they do not have “POWER” in connecting with J Christ.   You should stop all this mess or go to another chruch but you probably will keep up with scandalizing others because you there COR did it to my friend.