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BABY No 6: Femi Kuti Fathers Six Children From Five Different Women!

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Hey guys!


I love the man’s music! Especially his dad, Fela Kuti but O.M.G at this. So I am ok with Femi Kuti expecting baby number 6. After all babies, are a blessing! For goodness, I want 5 kids! That deep….

But from six children from five different women?!? Come now Femi!!

Apparently, just eight months ago, one of Femi Kuti‘s dancers, Bose Ajila, gave birth to baby boy for the Afro beat King. Now, another dancer in his “Positive Force Band“, Anthonia, is heavily pregnant and getting ready to deliver Femi’s sixth child.

One child from his soon to be ex-wife, Funke Kuti, two from an Igbo lady named Munachi, and three children from three of his dancers…..

Well dang!

Gugu – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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