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*S.M.H*: Florida Woman Gets BUTT IMPLANTS With Mixture Of Cement, Superglue & Flat-Tire Sealant!

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Hi guys!


Wow. Cement. Superglue. Flat-tire sealant. For a bigger booty! *Hiss*

I guess this post should serve as a P.S.A – *Public Service Announcement*…AGAIN. We have been done this road. Remember, we posted the tragic passing away of U.K-based, Nigerian Up-coming Artist, Claudia Aderotimi.

So according to news reports, several possible victims have come forward, alleging a woman posing as a Florida doctor and promising buttocks enhancements, pumped their butts with a toxic mixture of cement, superglue and flat-tire sealant.

The culprit? Oneal Ron Morris – who police say was born a man and identifies as a woman. Oneal was arrested Friday after nearly a year of being sought and charged with practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury.

Authorities say a victim who was looking to get a job at a nightclub and wanted a curvier figure paid Morris $700 for the injections in 2010. Morris allegedly used some type of tubing and inserted the toxic chemicals into her backside during a painful procedure.

What is this obsession with big butts?! We gotta do better, y’all!!

Speak on it….

Muah & ♥ ya for it!

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  • anon

    Shame hey

  • Wcortes76

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  • Michael Racette

    Wow, what a hideous freak! I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have sex with that thing. But I’m sure she could have made a great living in a circus sideshow 90 some years ago…..