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HOT GOSSIP: All Things Nigerian Entertainment, News & Celeb Scoop!!

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From our Nigerian Guest Blogger: Anita Boma West

Hi guys! Good to be here with y’all! As it’s my debut piece, I’ll go easy with y’all & not hit you hard with all ’em sizzling, drooping HAWT gossip from Naija aka Nigeria! *wink*.

Keeping abreast with NAIJA entertainment is more than a day’s job! But for you guys, I will definitely go the extra mile!

Top on the list is the divorce proceeding of one of our very own veteran Nollywood actresses, KATE HENSHAW NUTTAL. The tall, slender & ebony beauty with a scintillating sonorous voice is walking away from her marriage of 12 years to British hubby Roderick James Nuttal on the grounds of infidelity (he too is blaming her for infidelity!). But we hear that he got his secretary preggers! *Wahala dey oohh*!

Kate & hubby *in good times*

Meanwhile Mrs Kate Henshaw Nuttal herself has been linked to one of the oil rich state Governors of the South (name with held) *wink*. So my darlings, sadly the center can’t hold no more!  Ooops!!  Also sad is that their 11 year old daughter, Ella is caught in the crossfire.

The fab actress refused to make elaborate comments on her husband and her marriage only stating;

Really,I don’t have anything to say.All I can say is everything that has a beginning, must have an end…

Onto happier, merrier gist, *the only Nigerian M.C with an M.SC* as he fondly introduces himself just got engaged! Yeah Naeto C is set to jump the broom with his model gurrrrlfriend come 2012! I wish him conjugal bliss jare….

Naeto C

And speaking of weddings, another talented rapper most peeps know, Ikechukwu is getting officially hooked to his longtime, London-based model-girlfriend, Sarah Ofili. The engagement party was thrown on her birthday last month & a huge rock was given to her! – we are yet to ascertain if Sarah is rocking a “diamond, cubic zirconia or moissanate” *side-eyes* & wink…see for yourself below….

Sarah Ofili

I’m not done with conjugal bliss just yet myloves. If you patronize Nollywood ( The Nigerian film industry) then you’ll certainly know Chinedu Akedezie aka Aki -the dark skinned one of the Aki & PawPaw acting duo. Aki & PawPaw are the diminutive comedians who make it their duty to entertain & light up our screens with their ingenious comical acts. Well, Aki‘ll be walking down the aisle too on the 10th of December to a pretty bunny lass who comes from the Eastern part of Naija, *deep in thought* Now I’m just wondering, for midget someone that short small, how on earth will he consummate his marriage vows in the bedroom ahem, you know! OMG, did I say that out loud!!! Sorry, forgot y’all were still here! How did you get into my head ?!! *rolling eyes* don’t crucify me *kisses*. Just keeping you ,my darlings abreast on latest happenings on the Naija entertainment scene.

Chinedu Akedezie aka Aki

Now you know who’s tying it for now! When the next love birds or poppy love sprouts up, I’ll let you guys know!

P Square

And a happy belated birthday to the iconic twin pop stars, P Square, who turned 31 few days ago. The twin brothers celebrated in a pretty queer manner *teeehehehe* -with a loaf of bread as birthday cake! Can y’all beat that?!!

P Square & their birthday bread cake

Gotta run! catch ya in a few daysss.

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