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South African Guest Blogger: Duduzile Chiloane

First it was Dineo Ranaka. Then Minnie Dlamini. Now it’s Bonang Matheba!

Nonhle Thema just seems to target South African celebrities one by one (at least the female ones).

Nonhle Thema

After one of her followers asked why she was not present at the Feather Awards held earlier last week, Nonhle replied, tweeting that she does not do anything for free.

For someone who claims to have millions (in South African Rands), she appears to be broke. Wanting to be paid for magazine covers, attending parties and events, does look desperate (Khanyi Mbau inspired). While it may be standard practice in America, where she shot her reality flop show, “Nonhle Goes To Hollywood“, things are done differently in South Africa….

Bonang Thema

In B-girl-style, “your girl B”, kept it moving and did not pay any attention to Nonhle’s tweets. Yup! That must have made Nonhle mad because she actually dared Bonang to reply.

Peep some tweets that Nonhle sent out:

So the whole of Twitter was waiting impatiently to see whether Bonang would respond to Miss Non-Claires’ tweets. Nada…B aint said a word….

When Dineo reacted, it caused quite a stir on Twitter, and made Nonhle even more vicious with her tweets claiming that she could buy the radio station that Dineo works for (South Africa’s youth radio station, YFM). Nonhle has previously tweeted that all the radio personalities of YFM are broke and she could help them out.

Minnie on the other hand, did not respond to Nonhle‘s unflattering tweets. She instead handed the matter to her management who sent their lawyers to deal with the defamatory tweets . Although Nonhle says that she is off the hook MaBlerh, Minnies manager respond with a tweet saying “Your summons are still coming! Calm down”.  Do summons take that long though?!? Seems like someone is bluffing…..*Kanye shrug*

We will just have to watch and see the outcome of Nonhle’s tweets. After losing so many deals (Dark & Lovely; Vuzu etc) one would hope Nonhle would learn her lesson but instead seems to do the opposite. Though some people still believe that her account is hacked, I’m sure her management would have solved it by now.

UPDATE: As of this morning, Nonhle deleted her tweets aimed at Bonang. Someone must have knocked some cents sense into her….

Are you TeamBonang or TeamNonhle?!?! Have Your Say!!!

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