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NORMAL IS DEAD: 5 Reasons to Go BIG or Go Home!

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Happy Sunday!


1. The cost of a big dream, medium dream or a small dream is exactly the same; your life.


We all have the same amount of hours in a day and most of us have similar energy levels.  The only difference is what we do with it.  If you are gonna work, why not work on something that is worth while?  If you are gonna think, why not think of something that will bring you big results?  If you are gonna dream, why not dream of something uncommon that others never would?  It takes the same amount of energy and time to to do either…

2. The world is facing big problems and big problems demand even larger solutions.

Dr. Wangari Maathai

And if you don’t dream those larger solutions up, others most likely will not.  The world needs hero’s now more than ever and that hero can be you.  The Bible says in Romans 8:19 that God’s creation is literally waiting for His children to be revealed. Further down it says that the earth is actually groaning for that manifestation.  Could it be that the planet is crying out waiting for you to solve one of it’s problems?  After all as children of God we should be looking to do just that?

3. Most people think small.  That means that thinking big is a rarity and causes you to stand out more.

First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama

Believe it or not; statistics say it is allot harder to ask 100 people for 10,000 dollars in funding for a project than it is to ask one key person for 1,000,000.  Despite that fact most of us (me included) would look for the 100. Sometimes the audacity of the task is exactly what you need to bring it to fruition.  In 2004 Barack Obama gave a 20 minute speech at the Democratic National Convention called: “Audacity of Hope”.  In that short speech, Obama simply outlined his ideals and beliefs about America.  He painted a big picture of what was possible for us, and in just those quick 20 minutes of thinking big…he went from obscurity to a household name and four years later would be the first African American President of the United States of America.

4. What you have been doing isn’t working.

Leila Lopes, Miss Angola & 2011 – 2012 Miss World

Whatever you have done, it has only gotten you this far.  If you are happy with that, then stop reading right now.  But if you want more…if you sense that you haven’t yet peaked and you have more capacity for greatness then decide to think larger, plan bigger and desire more.  It’s okay, you deserve it.  God created you for greatness.

5. Shock and Awe.

Nicki Minaj

Things move so fast in our society now.  We are the MTV generation children.  We are used to information being desiminated in 5 minutes news bites and we are used to things constantly moving.  For this reason in order to break free of the clutter and catch our attention you have to be starkly different than everything or everyone else…this usually means big.  Do something on a grand scale.  Shock and Awe the world with what God has put on the inside of you.  A dream is just a dream until it is manifested.  What are you bringing to pass? Shock the world and turn it upside down.  We need you.  – Acts 17:6

by: Walter Ward III, you can catch up with Walt on Twitter: @waltward3 (thanks Walt!)

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