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R.I.P News: Hip Hop Artist, HEAVY D Dies Suddenly!

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Hey darlings,


According to TMZ, hip hop artist, Heavy D, died earlier today….

I am so shocked on this for so many reasons! One, I loved Heavy D’s music and him as an artist. Heavy D was definitely one of the most influential rappers of the ’90s. He was young too, 44years and just recently performed at the 2011 BET Awards.

According to news reports, a 911 call was placed from Heavy D’s Beverly Hills home around 11:25 AM this morning. It was call reporting an unconscious male on the walkway. Apparently, Heavy D was conscious and speaking when the paramedics got to the scene. He was transported to the hospital for further testing. An hour later, he passed away. *Crickets*

Still in shock over this one….

R.I.P Big Daddy….

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