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Ten Commandments of 21st Love From A 21st Century Girl….

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From our South African Guest Blogger: Duduzile Chiloane

Let’s get it right PLEASE!!

Gone are the days when women slaved over the stove while men worked. It’s the 21st century honey, so can we please move with the times….

Move over Willow Smith *ahem*, I’m the 21st Century Girl, so here goes….

My Ten Commandments of 21st Love

1. Yes men, you are allowed to date a woman who earns more than you. Take that as a favor and not as a threat!

2. Can men in general just STOP thinking that they are THE gift to women…really, you are NOT but we let you think that!

3. Bring her flowers or even make her breakfast in bed. This won’t hurt ya (unless she’s thanking you, *wink*)

4. Crying is not a weakness. It’s a blessing as you will have a shoulder to cry on

5. Explore, be creative coz um….monotonous (*yawn*) is boring

6. Just because YOU can’t see her, does not mean she is cheating…

7. Insecurity is such a turn off (*smh*)

8. Make her want to come home every day (*sexting doesn’t hurt*)

9. Honesty will get you far (*don’t hide your feelings*)

10. Love does not cost a thing (*so don’t buy me*)

Thank me later! That’s it from me…

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  • Lpbokako

    Nt a bad start indeed. Im proud of u frnd!!! #winks#