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From our guest blogger: Duduzile Chiloane

The South Africa Music Awards (SAMAs) seem to just attract attention every year.

The introduction of the new C.E.O Randall Abrahams was received in excitement but yesterday all of that did not seem to matter. After the debacle that were the awards earlier this year, one would think that the standards would increase after the previous C.E.O was fired (no need for an explanation why).

The Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA) has downsized to 30 categories from 57. One of the most controversial decisions was to merge Best Rap and Best Kwaito categories under the arbitrary title of Best Street Urban. This has caused an outrage among the South Africa celebrities and musicians. Some were going as far as threatening to boycott them to show their disappointment.

As over the years the SAMAs have increased their categories. Instead RISA decided to follow in the footsteps of the Grammys, making one wonder if it is to the benefit of the budget. As reported on it took four days for the committee to reach their decisions. Categories with less than 3 nominees will not be eligible for an award but rather will just receive a nominee certificate.

Some of the major changes were:

Best Rock English + Best Rock Afrikaans = Best Rock

Best Kwaito + Hip Hop = Best Street Urban *sigh* really though?!? (said to be same demographic targeted audience) What?!?!

All different Jazz categories =Best Jazz

12 Traditional categories =Best Traditional

Best Pop Urban + Best Pop English + Best Pop Afrikaans = Best pop

Best R&B + Best Reggae = Best Smooth Urban

Best Global Dance + Best Urban + Best Sokkie Dans = Best Dance

All DVD categories = Best Live DVD

Best Urban Gospel + Best Afrikaans Gospel + Best Traditional African Acappela Gospel + Best Africa Traditional Gospel = Best Traditional Faith Music

The rest of the category changes are set to be released later. We will keep you updated as they announce the changes.

The word Urban seems to be misused in this context as they are “squeezing” everything into one category. Really should get a dictionary for the RISA committee so that they can find other words….smh….

One of my girlfriends said, playing the devil’s advocate, one would say that the changes will sure increase the standard amongst the musicians…assuming South African artists buys into these crazy changes!

And the great (really) news from all of this is that there is a 90% chance of the awards going back to Sun City (thank goodness). Entries are now open for the 18th Annual SAMAs till the 30th 2011. And the event is said to take place on the weekend of the 4th and 5th May 2012.

Some of the reactions on Twitter:

What is your view on this? Will celebrities and musicians show up? Share your thought on this matter….

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