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A Little Goes A TONED Way…Easy Ways To Make Exercise A Part Of Anyone’s Life!!

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I am soo excited to be the new Health & Lifestyle Columnist for Faraitoday because I am extremely passionate about Natural Health & Fitness.

My friends and family constantly hear me nattering on – ‘drink at least 2 litres of water a day’ and many-a-sleepy friend have endured me waking them up at 6 am after pre-scheduling a jogging date. I know they are nodding their heads as you read! Well…

…now I can share my passion with the world and I hope that my tips will encourage you to add more physical activity into your life.

Let’s get started!

Exercise improves inner & outer health

Exercise has countless benefits, as it:

  • keeps us young: I am 31 and believe the reason that I feel 10 years younger, is largely due to having exercise in my life and watching what I put into my body
  • keeps our stress levels down, regulates the production of chemicals that help us stay positive, keeps our minds healthy and active improving concentration, analysis, judgement and memory. I find that when I have a consistent exercise routine I am more focused and my concentration is 150%.
  • maintains proper DNA and cell activity, warding off cancers and inflammatory diseases and maintains a healthy balance of fat and muscle helping save our tissue and organs from dangerous toxins.
And for those of you who have convinced yourself that exercise is not for you, there is no excuse! Here are my top tips for easy ways to incorporate exercise into anyone’s life.

1. “Exercise-to-go”

So many of us are constantly busy, myself included. So why not try fitting in short exercises during the day, for example, when you are standing by the photocopy machine or waiting in a queue?One exercise I find easy is the calf raise. Whilst standing, lift your heels and stand on your toes for up to 5 seconds. Put your heels flat on the floor again and continue 10-20 more times.You dictate the pace and repetitions. This exercise tones the calf muscles of the legs, giving you more shapely pins.

Amerie’s legs are to die live (exercise) for!!!

2. Walk towards it

You don’t need to lift weights or coordinate your limbs perfectly in an Aerobics class.  Walking is the most basic method of movement in humans. It works a range of muscles: your legs, arms, shoulders, back and core (muscles of your abs and back).  Instead of getting the bus or driving somewhere close, use your two legs instead.

If you enjoy praying or taking some time out before, during or after your day, why not take a walk in a park or in your neighbourhood?  This will also help you to reflect; appreciate what’s around you and be grateful for the life you have been blessed with,  meanwhile getting healthier, one stride at a time.

Walk your way to health!

3. Step it up

This seems too simple, but taking the stairs could literally save your life.   Research shows that opting for the stairs has major public health benefits, including lowering blood pressure; lowering body fat and increasing fitness.  Remember your legs, butt and core are getting a great workout in the process!

First Lady Michelle Obama & President Obama

* side-bar: First Lady Michelle Obama is notorious for taking stairs whenever she can….so can you *smile*

4. Pilates

I believe this is one of the major definitions of “a little goes a toned way”. Pilates caters for everyone, from beginners to advanced. The exercises involve small, structured movements inspired by ballet, yoga and calisthenics. The benefits I have gained from doing Pilates are improved posture; flexibility; increased strength and definition, particularly in my arms, abs and legs; increased focus and concentration.

And best of all you can do just 5 minutes of Pilates and feel the benefits!  Below is a link to a 5 min video by Cassie, an experienced Pilates instructor. If you are a beginner, take it one day at a time. With practice, the moves get easier.  This is a workout I use when I don’t have time, but want to keep on with the exercises to maintain tone and strength.

Check out Total Body Workout by Cassey Ho from POP Pilates:

It’s a 3+ min INTENSE workout that will sculpt your abs, core, chest, and arms….

Vanessa Williams: Pilates is one of her secrets to looking fab!Â

*Teurai is the Founder of the Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust, which as one of its objectives, raises awareness of Natural Health & Fitness to reduce the risk of cancer.  See Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust. Remember to consult your doctor first if you are completely new to exercising or have a medical condition that may affect your health.

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Writer, Model, Founder of Elizabeth Chanakira Cancer Trust

Teurai Chanakira – who has written posts on Farai Today.

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