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Say What?!?!? Who You Calling A “B…..”

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From our Guest Blogger: Duduzile Chiloane

The word BRAND seems to be flying around a lot lately here in South Africa with local celebrities referring to themselves as brands. That’s great, if it’s the right celeb. But let’s be honest, some are misusing the word (and you & I know the one’s *wink* #NoNameCalling).

In marketing terms, a “brand” would refer to a product or service that distinguishes itself within its respective market. Don’t get me wrong, there are celebrities that deserve to refer to themselves as brands. They are the kind that rarely refer to themselves as brands. You know what I mean? Their “swag”, however they have parlayed it, does all the talking. Just because you have just made it within the entertainment industry does not mean that you can now refer to yourself as a brand….yet.

Here are some South African brand heavy weights…

Nonhle Thema (*ahem*…)

Bonang Thema (adore her style & humility)

Kabelo Mabalane (who doesn’t love Bouga2Shoes?!)

Sizwe Dhlomo (Caesar Leo DeJaneiro, however he says *smile*)

First things, first. Being on a few magazine covers or hosting the most hip and happening events does not certify you as a brand but rather as a celebrity who knows their job. In an industry where people come in and out, a person has a one hit wonder then introduces themselves as a brand. Yeah…no. Having a line of branded clothing or being invited to events does not also qualify you as a brand but rather a hustler who is trying to get noticed. *I see & I salute you* Keeping going! Don’t stop! Because it takes blood, sweat and tears to get to the point when & where one could call themselves a brand.

Talking about blood, sweat and tears….

Tata Nelson Mandela

People like the great Tata Nelson Mandela, whose name is worth more than one can calculate, deserve to be referred to a brand. Tata Mandela could sell out anything associated with his name. Trust me. Even in the sunset of his life. How is that for brand power!

Having aligned themselves with reputable brands, they keep growing and gaining reputable deals that allow them to grow. Not only should a celebrity concentrate all their energy and efforts within one industry but rather spread their wings and explore other areas that are available. Not forgetting that doing some charity work won’t hurt while climbing the ladder to being a brand.

Till one can fulfil the definition, celebrities shouldn’t rush to label themselves as brands…

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