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JAY Z & STEVE STOUTE Talk About “Tanning Of America” & The World Through Hip-Hop

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This is insightful….

Steve Stoute’s new book is a great read!!

To coincide with the release of Marketing Exec, Steve Stoute’s debut book, “The Tanning Of America: How the Culture of Hip-Hop Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy,” HuffPost Black Voices presents the first episode in an ongoing video series, “The Tanning Effect.”

On Watch The Throne:

I’ve been saying this for a while, the impact of hip hop has always been a global thing…almost like in the way Jazz was….in Jazz, in the early days, Quincy Jones & ’em were touring overseas before they were even allowed to play in clubs in the South. So you know hip-hop, that cultural thing, where it was not many boundaries. So hip hop was this young youth music that did not have boundaries outside America. More specifically hip hop had a voice. Jazz hit great notes but hip hop spoke directly to people. Spoke directly to their hearts and to how they were feeling. Hip hop has always been this global thing….that cultural thing connected…

On impact of hip hop on culture, fashion, attitude, swagger, everything

Around 1998, I did a tour with DMX, Method Man and Red Man called the “Hard Knock Life” tour. The first time we were doing an all rap line-up. I remember the first time we were trying to take this out, they were telling us “you need an R&B act on the bill”…they were telling us for insurance purposes and for the look of the thing…I was like “no”, we gonna go out…DMX had two number 1 albums that year. I had an album that sold 5 million copies. I’m like I think we can tour….at least in America…It was always that sort of fight…we got to the concert, we would 80, 20. White people in the audience….

Good stuff!!

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