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FAB COVER: NICKI MINAJ Covers South African Magazine, CLEO: “Roman is a gay boy & he’s my alter ego…”

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Nicki Minaj covers South African magazine, CLEO for its November issue.

As a young women’s magazine targeting Gen Y South Africans, CLEO strives to put strong, confident and ambitious women on their cover, which is why Nicki Minaj was the perfect choice for their November issue.

She exploded onto the hip hop scene in the last year but not much is known about Onika Tanya Maraj. And so CLEO ran an interview that covers it all – from Nicki’s personal style, raunchy image and alter egos, to what inspires her, her fans and being a female in a male dominated industry.

Here are some snippets of Nicki Minaj‘s interview with CLEO magazine:

Is it hard to make it in hip-hop as a woman?

“Women are held to different standards; it’s just the way it is. Nobody says anything to 50 Cent and Lil Wayne when they take off their shirts every night, and you could say that’s selling sex. Of course, I respect Wayne and 50 very much, and nobody makes a big deal of it. But, if a girl comes out in a cute little outfit, showing some boobs, people say, ‘Oh, she’s not a real rapper’. I write my own raps, I do everything on my own, so what makes them say that? I don’t need a dude to write my shit. No one writes my stuff.”

Tell is about your alter egos.

“Roman is a gay boy, and he’s my alter ego; he says what I can’t say. He’s mean, he’s angry and he’s vicious. And then I have Martha. Martha is Roman’s mother. She’s like, ‘Roman, Roman, stop it! You’ve gone mad I tell you, mad!’”

How would you describe your personal style?

“It’s evolving. I’ve always loved pink and I love it even more now. My image is still taking form; it’s not set in stone. Right now I do whatever the hell I want to! I’m going to start playing around a lot more, because inside I feel like a cartoon character.”

BlackTree TV caught up with Nicki Minaj last week, after she announced the American Music Award Nominees for the 2011 AMAs. They asked her some candid questions about her feelings at the time for being nominated (Rap/Hip-Hop Album and Rap/Hip-Hop Music: Favorite Artist), her Halloween outfit, and what music she enjoys besides her own.

Check out the soundbites of Nicki Minaj after the 2011 American Music Awards nominations press conference:


Pick up your November issue of CLEO magazine, newsstands, nationwide in South Africa!

Source / Photo: CLEO magazine (South Africa)

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