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PSSSS, HAVE YOU HEARD? Sizwe Dhlomo is leaving SABC1’s “Live” Soon!!!

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Live co-presenter Sizwe Dhlomo is set to leave (in my best Bonang accent) “the  biggest music show in the land“. Sizwe was the first to break the news via twitter…

Judging from my Twitter timeline, there were mixed responses about his announcement. One can only wonder if this was a decision from his side or was he going to get the boot and figured it’s best if he announced it first. Some are saying that he found out that his contract may not be renewed….SABC1 did not confirm his departure. Mmmmmmhhhhh…..*Kanye shrug*

I wonder if he will be replaced or will the girls Bonang and Minnie will run “Live” by themselves (girls do run the world you know!!)…

Well whatever, the case may be, I trust that Sizwe is a smart guy and those who watched “Live” every Friday just for him, will surely miss him.

P.S: Sizwe is also the owner of a Scooters Pizza franchise, we wish him all the best with his business.

And in other news….

Word is ex-Live presenter Tbo Touch will be joining SABC 3 as the new presenter on “Flash”. Flash is a celebrity entertainment show, that will bridge the gap between the celebrity lifesyle’s of South African celeb’s and Hollywood celebrities…I’ll comment more on this after watching the show.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

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Your thoughts???

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  • Lgama

    Its such a pity that Sizwe’s leaving, He sure did bring a smile to my face. I guess there’s no reason for me to watch Live anymore.