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FaraiToday Exclusive Interview: Project Runway Designer, KORTO MOMOLU! [AUDIO]

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Hola amigo’s!


Here is our backstage, exclusive interview with uber fab African designer, Korto Momolu!

Check it:

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Some of the highlights of the interview with Korto Momolu….

Compared to the pressure of Project Runway, how does New York Fashion Week compare?

This is better. I am in control of my destiny right now. I decide if I get up and do it and show up OR I am not going to do it. I decided to get up and keep it moving. I am slowly growing as a designer. With each year and season, my shows get better. I can go home tonight because I want to go home and not because four judges sent me home.

What is the inspiration for this collection?

This collection is about my life. I took my colors from a darker place than I usually for Spring. I love Fall influenced by what’s going on right now. Beautiful Fall colors, Oranges, Blacks, Greys. Feminine’s. I have always been attracted to Asian influences…..I make clothes that make women feel beautiful, again.

We were from, we celebrate the curvy woman. We celebrate the real woman. In fact, the more curves you have, the more attention you get….

What has been the most rewarding thing in this whole process?

Being able to express myself, as I want to….these are clothes I would wear and represent women that I feel have been ignored for so long. Do what I love to do. This is my passion….during New York Fashion Fashion Week with other major designers showing down the street at Lincoln Center, I’m doing it too. I’m in the game. That says alot….

Where can we find your line / collection?

You can find this collection online (in two weeks)….

I also saw that you were to Liberia this Summer, how did you find that?

It was amazing to go back after 23 years. It was like I never left…. I’ve come full circle.

Long term range plans?

….my dreams is to have my clothes tags that say “MADE IN AFRICA

Visual of Korto’s Spring 2012 Collection:


Bravo Korto!


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  • faithmight

    I remember her from Project Runway! GO GIRL!!! (I remember the hostess from ATNM. cool!)
    And she wasn’t lying… I want everything!