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COVER FAB: Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige Does Ebony Magazine!

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Hi Guys!


All rise, the Queen of Hip Hop is here….

Yeah, this is NOT the best MJB cover but then again, it seems she does not have much success with some of her magazine covers. There was that issue with her Vibe cover some time back….

*sigh* I/we heart her regardless!

Reacting to Amy Winehouse‘s death:

“When I got the text about Amy, I was lying down on the bed. I got up and read the message about her death and just lay back down again. I kept getting up and laying back down for some reason. I’d always wanted to work with Amy, so I just couldn’t believe it really.  And then it hit me—that could have been me. That really could have been me!”

MJB is preparing to release her new album ‘My Life II: The Journey Continues’ this November. The album, MJB’s tenth studio album, is preceded by lead single, ‘25/8′.

The album, recorded in Los Angeles and New York City, sees Mary looking toward the future while acknowledging the past.

“From me to you, My Life II… Our journey together continues in this life. It’s a gift to be able to relate and identify with my fans at all times. This album is a reflection of the times and lives of people all around me.”

Check behind-the-scenes:


Y’All Feeling The Queen’s Cover?!?!?

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