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Out & About: HipHop Pantsula launches Motswafrika, His New Album!!!

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HHP and singer Nothende who also offered her vocals on this new album

I just got back from HHP’s new album launch and I figured I might as well do this post before I sleep. HHP is known to be SA’s best “motswako rappers” and pioneers of this unique genre of local rap. I’ve always admired him as an artist; hence I didn’t hesitate to attend this launch.

The #MotswAfrikaLaunch (as it was tagged on twitter) was launched at Museum Africa in Newtown, Johannesburg and as one would expect people would be all “deep” into the whole concept of “Afika”, lol.  I spotted a couple of people rocking some African inspired outfits including Lerato Sengadi (you may remember her from BBA). Lerato contributed to the MotswAfrika album as the creative director…

Lerato Sengadi

HHP took to the stage to perform a couple of tracks from the album which is not yet released but should be out in stores soon. As HHP said himself “there will be 80 000 copies of the album made available, and I hope you each go out and get a copy”. He also announced that this is his last South African album, seeing as he is just about to sign a 3 year deal with an international label.


I had a brief chat to him about his future plans…

Allegro D: Firstly congrats on the new album

HHP: Ah man, thank you so much and thank you for being here.

Allegro D: My pleasure. So you say this is your last SA album, tell us more…

HHP: Well yeah, this could very well be my last South African album. I’m about to clinch an international deal soon so yeah.

Allegro D: With which international label ?

HHP: I can’t say now. There’s actually 4 parties involved and I’ve already been in contact with 2 but we’ll see how everything goes.
Allegro D: Wow, that’s great news. So if the international deal pulls through, which I’m hoping it will, will you be moving overseas?

HHP: Nah! I won’t be, I doubt I’ll have to.  I’m a father and I’ve got a family so I can’t be moving around.

Allegro D: Okay. Well all the best and I can’t wait the album to drop will grab a copy.

HHP: Thank you so much.

HHP seems very confident that his international deal will break through and I hope it does, we need more of our local artists reaching international status.

Patron was one of the sponsors for this event and yes there was an open bar and that’s where I snapped most of the guests, lol


Bridget Masinga…

Clint Brink


Aubrey Poo

Cassandra was also there…look out for a pic of her baby. We had a chat about motherhood etc


Channel O’s Dineo Moeketsi was also there…

Larry and TJ from the Reps

Miza and Nutty Nyc

LTido couldn’t figure out which pose to with, lol such a mission getting this pic

With Cga…

I had a great time, and the goodie bag is pretty awesome. I love it, gonna be rocking the bag all Spring.


From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- I’m just saying, so have
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