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TV FAB: Ntando & Hlelo Masina “Blame It On Fame”…

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“The Twins” as they are casually known have a new reality TV show that just premiered on ETV a few hours ago. The Reality TV show follows around South Africa’s popular twins Ntando and Hlelo Masina.

I waited in anticipation to see if they could deliver, and don’t judge me but our local reality shows haven’t been too convincing (don’t make me pin point anyone, lol). So anyway I sat down in front of my TV at 8:30PM and from the get go, I was impressed!

From they promo to the whole concept of “real”, the twins delivered!

Check it:

In this first episode they kicked started the show by attending the Mail and Guardian event which they made the top 200 something-something list. Then it was off to radio. The twins present a radio show on SA youth station YFM and later they went and got matching tattoo’s together. I think this was my favourite part from the first episode, the way Hlelo cried when she got her tatt and all Ntando could do was laugh at her…(you have to see it to get it).

I loved how we got to see their family and I must say they have quite a cool dad. The mom was hilarious and real…

Okay so by now you get the point, Blame It On Fame is set to be a success, but this does not mean that everyone is happy for them *side-eyes semang mang*. Well done twins, I’ll be waching next week for that blind date Ntando set Hlelo on…

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

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  • Bernadette

    Hey ladies, I must say you’ve set up the rank in showbiz,
    the show gets 10 thumbs from me well thought and composed that’s what we need
    in this country. I just love you sweets and I’ve been your greatest fan from a
    distance in varsity you certainly remind me of my sister she is the soft one and i am the tough cookie. You’ve always known
    how to put you outfits together neatly i adored that. Please know, haters will
    always be there they probably have nothing better to do with their lives let
    alone have one. I love your hair does also extensions or not you take care of
    yourselves and are well groomed like a lady should be.


    God bless everything you touch, All the best to your
    beautiful family; your mom does not mess around reminds me of my old lady. Tata.

    Love yourselves

    Miss B

  • Ken Sen

     So what did I think about it. Well first of all Big up to Mzansi celebs realising we want to see more local reality. The show was unexpected, perhaps I never realised they were that big already since they’re relativly new in the industry but I was eager to watch it. Reality shows are an addiction. I missed the 1st few minutes but I saw immediately the show had high production quality,thanks to their Production company Rapid Blue. However the first few minutes felt like a sponsored programme,or was it just me. They walk into a big Retailers, advertising up in big and them getting their make-up done in the store. Didn’t quiete make sense but of course it wouldn’t, it was just as sponsorship segment. I did though enjoy the realness of their family and what a full house they have. Any how I can’t wait to see more episodes of the lovely twinz,I’ll definately stay tunned. These ladies clearly have something going that I’ll be waiting to see more of on Blame it on the Fame. 

  • Masefako Matoko

    hei guys just wishing u prosperity in everything that u do…i hope the whole world loves u bcause u make us happy. ur show is fabulous…i just pray that God give u more years to live so that our children will copy this healthy things from u. May the good Lord Bless u and ur beautiful family.

    I am Masefako Matoko 4rm Lesotho.

  • Buhle Sindane

    hey ladies love da show all the bestxoxo

  • zinhle

    you gals rock.Your show is the best since gossip gal xox

  • Mphoza

    they are real and thats what i like about them…they make us (eastrandeeerrrs) very proud!