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Interview: Erykah Badu Talks Candidly On Visions Of Visionaries [VIDEO]

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Hey guys!


Check out this dope interview that Erykah “Oblongata” Badu did recently with BlackTree TV:

How did you become an artist:

….I started in church….

How does art manifest itself in your life:

I think my religion is probably art…

Besides music, what other passions do you have:

You know what, I have always had fun creating things, crafts, and sculptors, and art and paintings and things. Recently I have started to create jewellery for other people….

What does creativity mean to you:

Creativity is freedom. Creativity is also the absence of free. Not being afraid to approach something and make a mistake. Or being wrong. Or right. It is the absence of fear. The braver you are, the deeper you go into your craft, whatever that maybe. I don’t have any fears at all. Fear exists inside your mind….

Describe your creative process in songwriting:

First, there is the music. I never a song without music because that would be poetry. So I write to music. To the vibration. To the rhythm, mostly. Like an EmCee would write. I write rhythmically first. And then I think, I hear a melody inside of what’s already there. It’s almost there already. I interpret it or find it….Finding it [art] is my joy.

Here is the interview:

Hear! Hear!

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