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WATCH NOW: Trey Songz stuck in the middle of a girl fight…over him!

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*Jaw drop* Talk about “classless behaviour”! So turns out Trey Songz was caught in the middle of a girl fight just days before making his way to South Africa.

According to reports, he went out to Club Juliet with a date and a group of girls recognised him and obviously acted like groupies fans and pushed up on him. However, his date was not having any of that groupie love and I guess one slap led to another and a girl fight broke out outside of the club. Poor Trigga tried to handle the fight himself but was left stuck between the girls *SMH*

Peep the video (by TMZ )of the fight below…

1st of all who still fights at club and secondly who fights for a man at a club of all place??? But then again this is not just any man, It’s Trey Songz ya’ll LOL

I wonder if the ‘date’ was a potential girlfriend, if she was she ruined her chances now. (I would never fight for Usher in front of him, let alone get physical with his fans). Talk about DRAMA!!!

Good thing Trey was left without a scratch, he looked uber hot when I met him at the Press Conference yesterday.

From your girl Allegro Dinkwanyane- “I’m just saying”, so have your say…

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