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WATCH NOW: Trey Songz Press Conference In Johannesburg, South Africa!!!

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Earlier today I made my way to the Trey Songz Press Conference in Johannesburg. I didn’t really know what to expect from ‘Trigga’. I wasn’t sure if he’d give us ‘American tendencies’ or just be normal although he is far from normal. However, he did not disappoint. He arrived at the press conference just in time, greeted everyone and answered every question as truthfully as he could. I loved his honesty and he also was not shy to talk about his background and his love for his family, and fans and why he thinks it’s important for artists to give back to the community.

There were some silly questions from some members of the media including questions such as “which body part of a woman do you like the most“, lol. Trey couldn’t really give a direct answer to that, all he said was “well who are we without women, we gotta love our women and appreciate them“. This statement fits the mood perfectly as it is Women’s Month in South Africa and what better way to celebrate the month than with Trey Songz. Trey is in the country with his mother and 16 year old brother. He said that more than anything this trip was about his family bonding and just living in the moment and he also expressed how proud he is of the fact that he can do all these things for his family considering where he comes from…it’s a dream come true.

He was joined on the panel by his manager Kevin Liles, and South Africa’s biggest hip-hop act Teargas who will be the local headliners for Trey’s concert. In case you’re wondering, yes he looks just as clean and sexy as he is on screen and speaking of “screens”, he also responded to a question about his new lead role in a horror movie that he did not want to give away much detail but he is excited about it and looks to grow as an actor too.

He revealed to us that he is most inspired by Sean “Jay-Z” Carter as an artist, mogul and so much more and that’s what he would like to be at one day in his career. In terms of what we can expect from his concerts, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but it’s gonna be special. You never know when you on stage but it’s gonna be a great experience“.

Like I said, I appreciated the “no drama”, and “no attitude” and honesty. He knew exactly what he wanted to say and how he was going to say it. Still has his feet on the ground and for him he reckons, had he started out in the business in his very early years and with no support structure he would have probably ended up with a big head full of fame, money and girls but he’s glad he did not turn out that way. And personally for me there’s always something sexy about a guy who knows that he is nothing without God and Trey wasn’t shy to give praise to the Man Upstairs *smile*

The press conference took about half an hour and then it was off to do the meet and greet (well for a few lucky ones, myself included). So yes, I switched into “fan/stan/groupie” mode and met Trey, got a hug, posed for pics and had a brief chat about how he saw my tweets to him and that he would follow back…

At last…

*smile* *wow*

Overall I had a great time asking him the questions I did and meeting him for the first time. There’s no doubt his concert is gonna rock! Thank you for the love Trey, see you at the Dome.

Peep the video below from the press conference and look out for more exclusives…

Images: Monde Nyovane and thanks to Melanie Ramjee and to my Orgella Entertainment team, we doing big things…

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